How to Add Ads.txt File in WordPress Without Plugins


how to add Ads.txt file in WordPress site and enhance your revenue streams effectively. If you’re a WordPress site owner looking to maximize your ad revenue while maintaining trustworthiness in the eyes of advertisers, mastering the implementation of Ads.txt is a game-changing step you can’t afford to overlook. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the actionable steps to seamlessly add the all-important “Ads.txt” file to your WordPress website, ensuring you’re on the right track to boost your earnings and establish strong partnerships with advertisers. Let’s delve into the heart of the matter: This is where the Ads.txt file comes into play, acting as a shield against unauthorized inventory sales and bolstering transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem.

Understanding Ads.txt: A Brief Overview

Ads.txt, or Authorized Digital Sellers, is an IAB-approved text file that allows website owners to declare which companies are authorized to sell their ad inventory. By adding this simple file to your WordPress site, you not only ensure the legitimacy of your ad space but also build trust with advertisers, potentially increasing your revenue stream.

Why Is Ads.txt Important for Your WordPress Site?

1. Enhanced Credibility:

Implementing Ads.txt signals to advertisers that your inventory is genuine. It lists the authorized sellers clearly, eliminating doubts about the authenticity of your ad space.

2. Protection Against Ad Fraud:

Ads.txt prevents ad fraud by making it difficult for unauthorized sellers to peddle counterfeit inventory. This safeguards your reputation and maintains the integrity of your website.

3. Increased Revenue Potential:

Trustworthy ad space attracts premium advertisers willing to pay higher rates. By adding Ads.txt to your WordPress site, you create an environment where advertisers are more likely to invest, thereby increasing your revenue potential.

How to Add Ads.txt File in WordPress: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Access Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. From the left-hand menu, navigate to “Appearance” and then select “Theme Editor.”

Step 2: Locate the Theme Header File

In the Theme Editor, you need to locate the theme’s header file, often named “header.php.” It’s generally found on the right-hand side under the list of theme files.

Step 3: Edit the Header File

Open the header.php file and paste the following line of code just before the closing </head> tag:

<script async src=”https://domain.com/ads.txt”></script>

Replace “https://domain.com/ads.txt” with the actual URL where your Ads.txt file is hosted.

Step 4: Save Changes and Verify

Save the changes to the header.php file and exit the Theme Editor. To verify if Ads.txt has been successfully added, access your website and add “/ads.txt” to the end of your domain URL (e.g., https://domain.com/ads.txt). If done correctly, you should see the content of your Ads.txt file displayed.

Best Practices for Ads.txt Implementation
1. Regularly Update Your Ads.txt File:

Keep your Ads.txt file up-to-date, adding new authorized sellers and removing outdated or unauthorized ones. Regular updates ensure the continued trust of advertisers.

2. Use a Reliable Hosting Service:

Host your Ads.txt file on a secure and reliable server. This ensures the file is always accessible, allowing advertisers to verify your authorized sellers easily.

3. Double-Check Syntax and Formatting:

Even a small syntax error can render your Ads.txt file ineffective. Double-check the syntax and formatting to avoid any issues with the implementation.


Incorporating an Ads.txt file into your WordPress site is a proactive step toward securing your ad revenue and building trust with advertisers. By following this comprehensive guide, you not only enhance your website’s credibility but also contribute to a cleaner, more transparent digital advertising ecosystem. Stay vigilant, keep your Ads.txt file updated, and enjoy the benefits of a trustworthy online presence that advertisers will be eager to partner with.

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