How to Unpublish a WordPress Site | Unpublishing Single or Multiple Pages & Posts

How to Unpublish a WordPress Site | Unpublishing Single or Multiple Pages & Posts


Unpublish a WordPress site is a strategic decision. Managing a WordPress site involves more than just publishing content; it requires knowing how to unpublish or hide specific pages or posts effectively. Whether you’re reworking your site’s design, updating content, or addressing privacy concerns, unpublishing is a crucial skill. In this detailed guide, we’ll take you through the process step by step, ensuring your site remains SEO-friendly and user-friendly. We’ll explore various methods, from unpublishing single pages to handling multiple posts, and we’ll also cover common concerns related to the unpublishing process.

Understanding the Need to Unpublish a WordPress Site

Unpublishing becomes necessary for several reasons. Outdated or irrelevant content can harm your site’s credibility and user experience. By understanding the importance of SEO optimization during the unpublishing process, you can ensure that your site remains visible to search engines even after certain pages are hidden.

How to Unpublish a Single WordPress Page or Post

To unpublish a single page or post, switch it from published to draft status. This simple step ensures that the content is no longer visible to visitors while allowing you to edit or update it behind the scenes. Properly handling outdated or irrelevant content ensures that your site’s visitors always access accurate and valuable information.

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Unpublishing Multiple WordPress Pages or Posts

When dealing with multiple pages or posts, a systematic approach is essential. Unpublishing in bulk helps streamline the process, preventing broken links and maintaining a seamless user experience. We’ll guide you through selecting and unpublishing multiple pages efficiently.

Making Your WordPress Site Temporarily Unavailable

Implementing maintenance mode is a practical solution when you need to unpublish your site temporarily. By displaying informative maintenance messages, you can keep your visitors informed about the site’s status. We’ll explore different methods to effectively put your site under maintenance without causing inconvenience to your audience.

screenshot of Making Your WordPress Site Temporarily Unavailable

Password Protecting a WordPress Page

Restricting access to specific users or members is achievable by password-protecting a page. We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring that you create secure passwords and manage user permissions effectively. This method is particularly useful for private content or exclusive member areas.

Preventing Search Engines from Indexing Unpublished Content

Discouraging search engines from indexing specific content is vital to maintaining your site’s SEO integrity. We’ll delve into the technicalities of preventing indexing and preserving your site’s search engine rankings while certain pages or posts are hidden.

Plugins to Put Your WordPress Website in Maintenance Mode or Coming Soon Mode

When you need to make changes to your WordPress website, whether it’s a complete redesign, updates, or simply adding new features, it’s essential to ensure your visitors have a positive experience even when your site is under construction. Putting your website in maintenance mode or displaying a captivating “Coming Soon” page can keep your audience engaged and informed. Thankfully, there are several plugins designed specifically for this purpose. Let’s explore some of the best plugins that allow you to seamlessly transition your site into maintenance mode or showcase an enticing coming soon page.

**1. Maintenance by SeedProd

Maintenance by SeedProd is a powerful and user-friendly plugin that enables you to create stunning maintenance and coming soon pages effortlessly. With a drag-and-drop builder, you can customize the page to match your brand, and add countdown timers, social media links, and subscription forms to keep your visitors engaged. The plugin also offers various pre-designed templates, ensuring you find the perfect look for your website’s temporary page.

**2. WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode is a popular choice among WordPress users due to its simplicity and versatility. This plugin allows you to set up a maintenance mode page with a few clicks. You can display a countdown timer, inform visitors about the maintenance progress, and provide an estimated time of completion. WP Maintenance Mode also offers social media integration and subscription forms, allowing you to capture leads even when your site is under construction.

**3. Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

Another gem from SeedProd, this plugin is designed exclusively for creating captivating coming-soon pages and maintenance mode screens. It offers a range of professionally designed templates that cater to different niches and industries. You can easily add background images, customize text, and include contact forms to collect leads. The plugin is beginner-friendly, ensuring you can set up an impressive coming soon page without any coding skills.

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**4. Under Construction

Under Construction is a straightforward plugin that focuses on simplicity and effectiveness. It allows you to create a basic maintenance mode or under-construction page with minimal effort. You can add your logo, a brief message, and a background image to convey the purpose of your site’s downtime. The plugin also provides options to whitelist specific user roles, ensuring administrators and developers can access the site without restrictions.

**5. Elementor Page Builder

While Elementor is primarily known as a page builder, it offers a unique feature that allows you to create maintenance mode and coming soon pages. With Elementor’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can design visually appealing under-construction pages. You have complete control over the layout, typography, colors, and multimedia elements. Elementor also integrates seamlessly with other plugins, enabling you to enhance the functionality of your maintenance or coming soon page.

dashboard of Elementor Page Builder  wordpress plugin


By following the methods and guidelines outlined in this guide, you can confidently manage your WordPress site’s visibility. Unpublishing, when done strategically, enhances user experience, maintains SEO rankings, and contributes to your site’s overall credibility. Stay informed, be proactive, and unpublish your WordPress site with confidence, knowing that you’re making the right choices for your online presence.

Choosing the right plugin to put your WordPress website in maintenance mode or display a captivating coming soon page is crucial for maintaining a positive user experience. Consider your design preferences, required features, and ease of customization when selecting a plugin. With the options mentioned above, you can confidently create professional-looking maintenance and coming-soon pages that keep your audience engaged and excited about your upcoming website changes.

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